Server Rules

Account sharing/trading Account sharing is strictly forbidden.
Account trading is not allowed.
Selling / buying (Accounts, Items, Services, ...) for real Cash is forbidden.
Account names Deliberately creating new accounts or characters with the purpose of making those names unavailable for other players is strictly forbidden.
Any names violating server rules will be changed to a generic name.
Botting It´s not allowed to use any kind of bots.
Spying Owning/Playing with an account on both factions is forbidden.
Guards / Safezone Killing behind guards is strictly forbidden.
Announcements All boss raids must be announced in trade chat as soon as the boss is found and when the boss fight is started.
CT runs have to be announced in discord and in trade chat. If the raid has less than 15 members you can´t run the dungeon (15 legitimate players, no alt toons included)
Advertising Advertising other Shaiya servers in our game (all chats) is strictly forbidden.
Raid Rules Private raids/parties for bosses or events are forbidden.(Only a GM can allow this for special events)
Public raids must be configured with group loot at all times.
Joining the same public raid with more than one character is forbidden.
All public raids must be opened at all times, except:
When the raid is killing a boss and its health is lower than 50%. The join mode must be set back to auto if the boss resets or dies.
General behaviour Rules Do not play and/ or act in a way that is deliberately detrimental to the enjoyment of other players. This includes:

Any form of harassment directed towards either players or staff members is forbidden.
Scamming is forbidden.
Kill stealing mobs is strictly forbidden.
Your display name, as well as any other name that will be publicly visible must not contain any vulgar, obscene or offensive words.
The main language in Shaiya Tribute is English. Please try to use English whenever you speak in a public chat channel (normal, trade, area, pvp raid).
Impersonation of anyone, whether it's a player or a staff member, is strictly forbidden.

Every rule violation can be punished with a ban (temporary and permanent). Depending on the situation, the staff will decide on the punishment.