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Patch Notes 30.07.2020

Patch Notes 30.07.2020 Hi Guys, today i present you the Patch notes for the Patch that comes tonight. First of all, lets talk about our new Boss Run we make Saturdays on 15 ST The Map: Its a dark Version of the Elemental Cave, cause of its different Spots it was perfect for what we wanted to do. We have 2 Big bases for the Factions with many Guards. The Map is a Special PvP Map, cause its only open Saturdays 15 ST. To move to the map you will need to port to a Instance of Guild Waiting Hall. From there, there are 2 Portals. 1 for AoL and 1 for UoF. The Portal of this Instance is the Battleground portal (OS) in your Capital. But you can also use the Champion Gate Keeper inside AH to move to the Battleground Portal. Mobs: We decided to only put 2 different Mobs there. Little Reeyu is a little Flying blue Mob Girl. She is really annoying. The second mob we put there is a little Version of CO. Bosses: On our Boss Run map, you will find 4 Bosses. 2x Drago and 2x Bloody Bear. These Bosses are not easy to fight and you will need many ppl to success on this map. Drops: Our new Mobs drops : Tribute Points OP's Lapisia Our new Bosses drops: Item Change Kill Transfer Goddes Gear Tribute Points The Idea behind this System: This is a way of an Auto MM every Saturday at the Same time. Everyone will know it and will login to get the Items. This provoke a lot of PvP and fun. Different Spots of bosses make this even a way to not need to PvP if you dont have enough People. This Bosses drops Items that are very rare, and there will be added new rare drops with the time. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stamina/Nos as rewards We decided to make Stamina/Nos to an reward of Events, so we have more possibilitys to reward you for Winning an Event. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tribute Coins With this Patch we also added Tribute Coins to the Mobs of DD1. The Idea behind this is to make different spots where PVP can start. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Guild Ranking Battle We decided to Change the Time of Guild Ranking Battle a bit earlier. From now on it will be on Sundays 15 ST. We hope more guilds can join it then ! :) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nightmares Our Nightmares spawning when Boss is nearly down now are Loot treasure Boxes. We changed the Drop of it to change the way guys bugs the Random Loot. It also now drops Tribute Coins aswell :) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Exp Stones for make level up a bit easier, we added 7 Days exp stones to FL/CL Dungeon. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Item Mall We added New Mounts to the Itemmall, also we added Goddes Access to it. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This patch will be released tonight around 6 PM ST. See you guys <3

Post Date : 30/07/20

Video post and Advertise Event

Video Post and Advertise Event:

What you have to do:

Create a Video, a tutorial, PvP Video or whatever, upload it to youtube and post it somewhere for Advertise.

Use the following keywords for getting the most clicks (this is needed to get points) :
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After you posted this, fill out our google form here: Click Here! to get to the form

After this we will judge the video’s with points see below :
Posted a Video = 1 Point
Video got 100 Klicks/Shares = 3 Points
Video got 500 Klicks/shared = 4 Points
Video Style/Editing 5 Points
Be the favorite of a staff member 7 Points


1. 6k TP, 1 Stack Reco, 50 OP
2. 5k TP, 150 Reco, 30 OP
3. 2,5k TP, 75 Reco, 15 OP
4. 1k TP, 50 Reco, 15 OP
5. 50 TC, 50 Reco, 15 OP

We announce the winner on our discord and in game.

Important to know:

You can achieve more points by posting several videos and filling in the form several times. Please don't forget we do not count double posted Videos !

Post Date : 24/07/20

Antibot fix and Ele on Skillbar

We added the fix for antibot systems on old OS Systems. and also we added that the ele shows up on Skillbar like in the picture below <3

Post Date : 18/07/20

Antibot System

We finally patched our Antibot System to Liveserver. From now on you need to verify that your a human, while your farming. To Prevent the Botters.

Post Date : 17/07/20

Tribute Coins Update !!

We added Tribute Coins to D2 Dungeon. Tribute Coins are a second way to get gear or Lapis. For 500 Tribute Coins you can exchange an goddes piece of your Choice. for 400 Tribute coins you can get Absorp level 6 lapis and with 300 you can get an sonic or flash level 2 lapis.

Post Date : 16/07/20

Double Donation

Like every end of the Month we now do a Double Donation Event for 2 Days. That means from an Amount with 50$ and above you will get 2x more Tribute Points than normaly

Post Date : 29/06/20

We Are searching for GS

Do you want to help to make Tribute a fully supportet and working P-Server? Than apply inside our Discord and join our Team today <3

Post Date : 29/06/20

New Workarounds

Hi Guys, we are working hard on fixing all bugs ingame (1 left) but also we are working hard to give you the best systems Shaiya could give. Thats why we build new Systems and new methodes. Stay stuned inside our Discord Server previews will follow !

Post Date : 29/06/20