Custom Info

Raid Max: 150 Slotts
Anti Bot System: Prevend give Botters a chance
Anti Multi Login True Drop Chances on Bosses for all
Auto Loot Your drops get Automatically in your inventory. No Group needed
Guild Creation: Only 3 Peoples needed
Bless: locked on 75% for both Factions
Custom FFA All Same Guild, All Same Name, No Ranks
Cross Faction: On AH: Whisper/Trade/inspect/Area Chat
Bless Points: Fixed
Fury HP Bonus: Disabled
Ress By Lead Countdown: changed to only 10 Seconds.
GM Command Restriction: To Prevent Abuse, our Bluetoons can only set Stats to the bluetoons.
Raid notice: For a better overview, Raid notice shows Tag and Name too!
Server Restarts We have systems to make Updates without Restarts.
So we can have a 100% uptime each month.